Florida Divorce

It is no secret that emotions often run high in marital or family law matters, as there is much at stake.  Things can get confusing very quickly.  You may be facing a complete change of lifestyle, such as leading a single life instead of that of a married person, dealing with sensitive and vital financial issues, changes in possession of assets and property, and possible relocation.  If there are children involved, the matter can be even more tumultuous.


Attorney Hyde will handle such situations as time sharing, child support, custody, visitation and parent relocation.  Even when circumstances outside of your control cause a need for modifications, changes can be made for the final result to fit your circumstances.  The involvement of children adds an extra dimension of sensitivity that requires a focused and caring touch, not to mention possible effects on other relationships such as in-laws, parents, other family members and friends.  Attorney Hyde will discuss and plan your options such as:

Simplified Divorce

Uncontested Divorce

Complex Divorce     

Collaborative Divorce

Marital Settlement plans

Parenting Plans

Equitable Distribution


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